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Summer 2016 Newsletter


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    Community Hope & Awareness Event at New Hope West was a huge success- Around a 1000 people attended, and ten or eleven churches & youth groups where there.  We had all different cultures & denominations represented. We all came together and offered the fruit of our labors to the Lord and encouraged kingdom unity in the community. Five inmates from Stephens’s county jail and one drug court graduate shared their stories and gave warnings to the youth of the different ways Satan trapped them into a life of drugs and crime! I closed ministering about the danger of enablement and co-dependency. Our intentions were to help open the eyes and educate our community about this battle for our kids and cites and make them aware of the weapons our warfare as people of God! 


    New Hope   New Hope-4

    New hope-5New Hope-2     Me and Jim Bo Jones new hope-6


    We are thankful for our local authorities for encouraging God’s work in the different organizations and institution in our community, such as the jails, parole office, drug court program, court house, etc.





    Congratulations Heather & Chad


     Heather Phillips & Chad Harding graduated 2 years of Drug Court- Congratulations guys and may God continue to lead and bless your lives!



    Chad and Heather \ Chad                                  Heather                                                                                     






    Debbie and several ladies from our church have been active is the monthly Propel Ladies Meeting at the country club. It’s another community event bringing local churches and ladies groups together, sponsored by Sandy Stewart of Stephens County Worship Center Church. United we stand-divided we fall. As the body of Christ we have to settle these immaterial differences the enemy puts in place, and win our country back by winning our local communities as the church body unities! 



    Propel Ladies Event    Propel                                                                




    Congratulations Johnny

    Johnny Brown Baptism

    Johnny Browns baptism-Congratulations Johnny it was a special day that your two darlings got to share this day with you. Also congratulations being the new father of twins, though born premature we thank Go they are healthy and doing great!






    Stacy & Steve Eden

    Steve and Stacy Eden

    Steve and Stacy Eden blessed us once again Sunday evening with some more powerful ministry. They brought 4 of their prophetic prayer team and the Holy Spirit sure ministered in a powerful way. God spoke very clearly to our team and our church body. We are in a season of preparations for the new beginnings. Really confirmed a lot of things God has been showing us. We will see great fruit from this last visit. Steve is pastor of Grace Community Church in Choctaw and part of Duane Sheriff Jubilee and RAMS conferences. He is also one of Debbie and I pastors, along with Lee Armstrong. We are tremendously grateful to our Lord of them.




    To hear Steve’s messages and all of Pastor Dennis’ messages, go to our web site and click on audio sermons. If you have a smart phone you can app and locate Recovery Church.


    For times and dates of services or church events go to same web site and click on Church calendar.





    Memorial Day Lake Fun

    Lake group

    Memorial Day: The church began this summer with a great lake outing—great fun for everyone! For the past couple years our church has been building great family relationships and teaching our kids that Christians can have fun and enjoy the creation God has given us- The body of Christ needs to take time and chill out!





    Lake group 2    Lake Trip 2




    Congratulations Joey

    Joey boy

    Joey (Boy) McKinney graduated high school. He has a bright future in the Lords army! We are so proud of the Godly man the young man is becoming. He stands along for our Lord and has set disciplines in his life and is preparing himself for an awesome ministry! He loves Jesus and his family and is the energy that fuels and encourages many of us! He certainly of a reflection of his name!




    Girls Praise Team Rooted

    WE are so proud of our young ladies praise team-“Rooted”, not only are they given the opportunity to develop their talents and gifts, but Franky spends much time with them discussing God’s word and intentions through these songs, mentoring them and building Christ character in them and preparing them for the challenges face young ladies today!





    Vacation enjoying our grandsons Grady and Knox. We are so thankful for all 4 of our grand kids, the other two are Shea and Garret.  We so enjoy our time with them and we also use the time to encourage them forward in the relationships each have with the Lord Jesus. We are so thankful that they are very involved with their church, Knox is a little young, but he’s beginning to understand it’s about Jesus. We would like to encourage everyone to use the time with their grand kids as opportunities to encourage them in their Christian life, and water the gifts they have!





    We remain so thankful for our partners that encourage and pray for us as well as the ones who give financially to this kingdom work! We know it’s God that placed us in your heart and we are forever thankful to Him for you! May God continue to bless the seeds you sow into His kingdom!





    Dennis and Debbie Hall Ministries
    Pastors of The Recovery Church
    Prison and Jail Chaplains