Schedule Details

“We are not just a church-we are more than a church, we are family”

Tuesday: 7 PM First Service messages are always on different practical subjects related to the world we live in today. Jesus tells us if we want to see God in our every day lives it will be proportionate to the quality of our heart. Followed by men’s & ladies Life Groups from 7:30 to 8:30.

Tuesday Men’s Life Group 7:30: We will discuss the value of integrity and character. The influence we make on others, and the value of our words, are only as good as our character. Our talk talks, and our walk walks, but our walk talks louder than our talk talks.

Tuesday Women’s Life Group 7:30: Debbie’s taking the ladies inward to discover the true self. Many of us do not know who we truly are, we have believed the world, society, people, & parents, to determined who we are and find our value. Jesus determines who we are and He is the one who placed great value on us.

Thursday Life Group: This group looks deeper into the spiritual side of God words. In other words what does in mean and loo like when Paul said the great mystery is Christ in You the hope of glory (Col. 1:27)

Saturday Life Group: We mix the 12 steps with Gods word and discover God has a 12 step program that works from the inside out.  Jesus taught change the heart and the behavior will take care of itself.

Sunday Morning Fellowship 10:00 AM is Open: Hot coffee and other drinks, donuts and fresh fruit always available. A time to visit and get to know one another. We are a family not so much a church.

Sunday May 17th 10:30 AM: “Surprise it’s Me”. Do you recall the time Jesus’ disciples were in the middle of a storm rowing and fighting with all their might–the out of nowhere Jesus appeared saying, “be of good cheer boys, it’s Me”. Let’s live our lives in such a way that we are always expecting Jesus’ surprises.

Our messages are geared to two statements found in John 6. Jesus ask, who do people say I Am? Who is Jesus to us, and when Jesus asked Peter if he and the others where leaving Him also, Peter answered “You have Words of Life”. Do the messages produce life.

We teach from the perspective of Col. 1:27-Christ is us, the hope of glory. It’s all about a spiritual internal transformation through the revelation knowledge of who we are in Christ. Words becoming flesh and living through us-i.e. “words of life”.

Sunday Evening 6 PM: We have a variety of different activities, all geared to enhance our relations with each other. Great Christian Movies, cookouts, a time for corporate prayer and  giving thanks to God for all He’s done for us personally and as a spiritual family.

We try and take an entire evening once a month to stop and reflect on all God has done the past month and give Him thanks. Like the one leper who came back and worship Jesus and gave Him thanks, they all were healed, but he was the only one who was made whole (complete), we too want to be healed, whole, and complete.