Tuesday at 7 PM —Thursday at 7 Saturday 7

Sunday at 10:30 AM and 6 PM


Tuesday Service 7:00 to 7:30 PM: Be still and know that the Lord is God” (PS. 46:10). Being still in today’s busy world isn’t easy–it takes continued effort. Tuesday first service is our time to be still and set at the feet of Jesus as pastor Dennis, led by Holy Spirit, brings the word of God alive with clarity and understanding in his own unique style.

Tuesday Ladies Life Group 7:30 to 8:30 PM: Debbie Hall is building family in the ladies Life Group as they learn together the way God designed women to live. They are learning to become the Godly wives, mothers, and the spiritual ladies God had intended from the beginning. God’s calling the ladies of the kingdom to come forth, stand up, and make a difference!

Tuesday Men’s Life Group 7:30 to 8:30 PM: Men’s Life Group. We are on a life journey of  becoming the spiritual leaders God called us called us to be as men, husbands, and Fathers! Come  feel the love and freedom of our great folks.

Thursday Life Group 7 PM: Matt has a unique 12 step program designed to teach us who we truly are in Christ and develop our lives from the inside out instead of the opposite. 

Saturday Night Life Groups 7 PM: Because of summer activates we are temporarily closing our Saturday Connect Group. 

Sunday Morning….September 24th, 2023 a new series “A New Life-3–After coming out of the series on resting-the Holy Spirit lead us into a new series of new beginnings. We as a church are in a season of new beginnings. It’s interesting that of all the new beginnings i could find in scripture the came out of seasons of rest. Join us on this journey of new beginnings and how God did awesome things with redirecting his assignments. 

Special Quest Speaker Sunday September 31st “JERRY SHAFFER” The “Kingdom of God’. Jerry teaches namley about discovering  place in the body of Christ. Pastor Dennis will be recovering from back surgery and the Church looks forward to having Jerry and Susan as their guest.

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10 AM Sunday Morning Fellowship: Coffee-Donuts- Fruits / Juices and some great family fellowship.

  • 10:30 Prophetic Praise & Worship
  • 11:00 Message at 11:00
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Sunday Evening Movie Night 6 PM: No movies or meetings for now! Begin again soon.


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