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Sept.2010 Newsletter



Dennis Hall’s Monthly Newsletter

September 2010

Greetings Friends. Above is the flyer for the upcoming Jubilee Celebration honoring our local authorities. As we all join together honoring our authorities, we are actually honoring God. We still live in the greatest country in the world, a Godly country, and one of the reasons for this is our men and women in the military and law enforcement. We will be saluting them as we play “God Bless America”. So far every church and organization we have approached has been excited about joining the celebration. We are asking for each church and group to build lay teams to be available to minister. We are purchasing food for 1200, and so far the response has been tremendous. We believe the Holy Spirit is going to move mightily in the hearts of many individuals and we need teams ready to minister. The testimonies by Jeff Walker and Barbara (Pack) Maphet are very powerful. When we share what Jesus has done out of our own life experiences, we can speak with greater power and authority. No one else has had exactly the same experiences that God has given to us. However, many people probably have had similar experiences and will identify with our problems. The goal in sharing our personal struggles with others is to do so in a way that will help as many people as possible relate to both our problems and the solutions that we discovered as we applied the appropriate principles and teachings of God’s Word. A message prepared in the mind will reach only a mind, but a message developed in a life will reach other lives. True learning takes place when information changes our lives and we are then able to share with someone else how it happened. This is our prayer for the upcoming Jubilee as we share what the Lord has done in our community by allowing Him to work through these different offices and groups. We will have Tee-Shirts for all lay people so they will be easily recognized. All the sponsors, along with every church participating will be listed on the back. Revolving will have their big screens set up with the music for everyone to sing along. We will also have all the sponsors and churches listed there as well. We encourage you to check with your church and if they are not involved please get in touch with me. Since we are still in the process of contacting folks I will list all the sponsors, churches, groups, and organizations in next month’s newsletter, so far we have 40 who are very much involved and we have only been at it for 10 days. The next three weeks we will be making every effort to contact all the churches in this area and many more businesses. After honoring the authority we will call all the folks forward who Jesus has touched through these men and women and offer them as first fruits to our heavenly Father!

Steps of Christ Recovery: Upcoming testimonies: Jeana Meadows Oct. 9th, Don Howe Nov. 6th, Debbie Stocking Nov. 13th. Our dream for a “Steps of Christ Recovery Home” and local rehab center is much closer. This month, through a miraculous intervention by our Lord, the Southern Baptist Convention met with me and they were very excited about the work God is doing in the jails and recovery groups in this area. Don Williams come down and spent the day with me and was just blown away with our jails and the recovery group. We spent all afternoon in the jail and missed our afternoon appointment to look at a local nursing home. Don is over jail and prison chaplains for Oklahoma and he said this was one of the best he had ever been in. They also are coming to the Jubilee and are one of our major sponsors. I’m not kidding when I say lives are being revived, and staying revived, weekly at the recovery meetings. Next month we are going to spotlight a life for you and share their amazing stories. We didn’t have enough room this month with the Jubilee announcement.

Stephens County Jail: One of the many rewards for me from the jail ministry is the letters I get from all over the state from guys who have gone to prison with Jesus in their hearts, the right attitudes, and are making the best of prison. Last week I received a letter from one of my dearest brothers, Ricky Hamilton, the man who took my job when I left prison. He said, “Dennis the guys are beginning to trickle in from the Stephens county jail, and man you guys are doing a great job. They are really prepared to make the best of prison. I also talked with my old chaplain, the man I worked for 5 years, and he said the same thing. Matter of fact Rick’s new cell partner is Josh, A guy we ministered to for 8 months and went through all the seminars.  Josh was really worried about getting to a good prison and a good cellmate, a good Christian man, so we “Cried Out” to the Lord before he left and he ended up with one of the most Godly men in the system, a man who has been locked up over 25 years, who can help Josh turn prison into a seminary like God did for me. It makes a big difference when you have been there and know how to lead the flock to the green pasture and still waters. Prison can be a good thing if you have the Lord in your heart! Please pray for our jail staff, they are under tremendous pressure and most have to work two jobs. Pray for all our authorities because they allow this work to move forward.

Speaking Engagements: The 3D Drug Free Community Coalition is hosting a Prevention & Recovery Luncheon on September 23, 2010.Keynote speakers, include Agent Chris Smith of the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dennis Hall of Steps of Christ Recovery. I will be speaking to the Duncan Lion’s Club Tuesday, Oct. 5th, 2010 at 6pm at the Duncan Regional Hospital. I will be preaching at Gatlin Baptist Church Sunday, Oct. 3rd, and at Lakeside Baptist Church, Marlow, sometime in Oct. Exact date will be posted on the web site. All of these can be listened to on our web site under audio sermons or testimonies!

            Two weeks ago I preached at the “Freedom Bikers Church”, there was between 500 and 600 people and all I can say is “WOW”. The Lord has truly used Billy Morgan to bring John 4 to life. Jesus told the women at the well, the time has come, that those who worshipped God, would have to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. She tried to take it to religion, but Jesus led her back to Himself. Jesus is so alive at this church, I have been in churches all over the state of Oklahoma and only in one other have I felt the presence of Jesus like this. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is Liberty! Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. Billy was interviewed one time and they asked him what he attributed the success of the church to, he commented, “it’s not what you know, but who you know, Jesus, and the people know that I love them”. A good Sheppard will know his sheep and his sheep will know him. Thank you Billy and Freedom Biker Church for allowing me such an awesome experience, and Billy I do know you love me, thank you. Also thank you for the generous gift toward the Jubilee.

            Finally a huge Thank You to the many of you who are working so hard to put this event together, Karen Cook, Richard Adkins, Darlene Knottek, Kenneth James, R.D. Green, The Smith Family, The Boyer Family, Jackie and Jamie Mangum,  mother and aunt Jimmie, my Debbie, Dow Pannell, Randy Sutherland, the recovery groups, all the many sponsors and churches who have helped and are putting together teams, there are so many of you, and we are still getting many more, so I will list everyone of you in the next newsletter and also on the big screen at the Jubilee. We are being advertised on Cable one, Chisholm Trail Shopper, Thrifty Nickel, K-Love Radio, Duncan Banner, and possibly KSWO TV. Please don’t get offended if I left someone out, we’ll get you next time, we’re still putting things together!

            To all of you who support this ministry I can’t say thank you in enough ways. I have just about run out of ways, but like Billy Morgan said, the people knows he loves them, I hope you realize, I too, love and appreciate each of you. It doesn’t matter what you know, if you don’t have love (1 Cor. 13). May the Lord richly bless every one of you in ways only He can! I do pray every single morning for you!


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