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    Happy Thanksgiving

    November 2010

    The Wedding: Dennis Hall and Debbie Stocking will be married Sunday, December 26th, 2010 at our new “Recovery Church”, located in the Deer Creek Mall (North of Sears), Duncan OK. Dennis’ old Chaplain from prison, Scott Haynes will be performing the service. Ceremony begins at 3 PM, afterwards will be food, fun and good entertainment, come join the celebration!


    Year-end Reflections
    Jeremiah 17:7, 8; Psalm 63:5-6; Philippians 2:1-11

    Time to reflect! That would be my answer to the question:”What do you like most about the year-end holidays?” Oh, the food is good–those delectable, fattening morsels that make Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s so special. So are the parties and the people . . . the songs, the smiles, the smells. Each weaves its way into the fabric of our minds in such a beautiful manner that we live in the warmth of them for days. Sometimes months. But the best those traditional holidays can offer, in my opinion, is time to reflect. To stand in front of the full-length mirror of memory and study the scene. Thoughtfully. Silently. Alone. At length. To trace the outline of the past without the rude interruption of routine tasks. To walk along the surf or stroll through a mountain pathway, taking time to stop and listen. And think. To sit by a crackling fireplace with all the lights out, staring into the heat, and letting thoughts emerge, drift, and linger. To hear some grand music played at sufficient volume that all petty noises and worries are submerged beneath the waves of stimulating sound. Maybe it’s part of what Charles Wesley meant by being “lost in wonder, love, and praise.” A kind of solitary worship. An extended, unhurried leisure yielding rich benefits and deep insights. Invariably, those occasions leave me feeling grateful to God. Often I end up thanking Him specifically for something or someone that He provided in the yesterday of my life that makes my today much more meaningful. Instead of always looking ahead at what’s in front of us, we need to occasionally stop, and reflect on how far God has brought us. Look back down the mountain, so to speak, at how far we have come; it gives us a good second wind to continue on our journey. It also allows us to see how the Lord has carried us, and brought special saints to help us along the journey. 

                    A couple weeks ago I was reunited with several of these saints. Debbie and I were in Bartlesville Oklahoma for a weekend of ministering. Saturday I shared my story at a local homeless shelter named “Our Fathers Lighthouse”. Bob and Naomi Lanier are two of the meekest people I have ever met. Naomi started the home 20 years ago; meeting her and the residents was a phenomenal experience. I got so many great ideals for our future home.  Errol Hada, a wonderful man who does prison ministry, put this event together. He and his wife Sharon had invited many men from my past, the prison ministry team, friends I haven’t seen since I was released nearly two years ago, men who for years have come faithfully to share Jesus’ love with inmates. My old boss, Chaplain Scott Haynes and Brenda his wife, the man God used to train and disciple me for 7 years, they were there, along with an old friend of mine who had just been released from prison, Kevin Weber. We had a great supper and reunion before I spoke at the Lighthouse, it was really powerful and the Holy Spirit moved mightily that night. What an honor!

                    The next day we were at the Sooner Wesleyan Church for two more sessions, early and late. What a great Sunday we had with these sweet folks and their humble pastor, Greg McNall. Errol had promoted and advertised our coming because the drug problem is really bad in Bartlesville, I will be going back sometime in the near future to help another group set up their Chaplaincy program for their new jail, which is 5 times larger than ours. We left Bartlesville at 8 P.M. for the long drive home, which for me was 4 hours to Woodward, and then 31/2 more hours to Duncan.

                    I was enjoying the ride home, praying and reflecting on the past, and the special weekend we had just enjoyed, thanking God for my old and new friends, for the great honor He has given me to be able to share what He has done in my life. December 18th will be two years since I walked out of prison and what the Lord has done in those two years can only be described as phenomenally miraculous!

                    Jails: Today Dave Horn and I were looking back over these past couple years and what’s happened in the jails. It is simply God, and what happens when God’s presence goes before and prepares the way. I don’t know how many men Don, Carl and I have baptized, but we have made good use of the old water trough on wheels. We have been involved in many souls being freed from heavy demonic oppression, deep thoughts of suicide. We have graduated well over 100 from the Basic life Principles, Anger Resolution, Financial, and Advance Seminars the past two years. The entire jail staff is a blessing, and I know of a couple who have given their lives to the Lord. I thank God for our Sheriff and his entire department, F.L. Estes and Dave Horn and the entire jail staff, Sharon Cain and our amazing drug court. These folks are the reason God’s work is moving so powerfully. This is the reason that Chaplain’s in Bartlesville are asking us to help them achieve what we have here. 

                    The Recovery Church: While we were eating lunch in Bartlesville Sunday after the first session, I begin receiving texts that the Freedom Biker Church had just voted unanimously to be our sister church, and sponsor our new church, “The Recovery Church”. I couldn’t help it; the tears just begin to roll, to think 550 or 600 folks unanimously believed in us and our vision. Billy Morgan and the entire Biker Church have blessed us enormously, Thank you, and we are proud to have you as our big sister! May God’s blessing continue to rest upon you and may His presence always be with you! Our church is just growing rapidly in both Godly character, (maturity), and numbers. We will have to expand soon if the growth continues. Come feel the Spirit of Jesus so alive every Tuesday 7PM, and Sunday 10:30Am, and 6PM. I promise you cannot be the same after you set at the feet of Jesus! My old Chaplain, Scott Haynes, will be preaching the morning message Sunday Dec. 26th, and then at 3PM will honor Debbie and I by marrying us. This is simply another of the many things God has fulfilled for my life. O” Frineds, believe me, when I say, the Lord does honor those who honor Him(1 Samuel 2:30b).

                    Steps of Christ Recovery: The Blue Grass Gospel Jubilee was a huge success. Roy Don Green brought several of his old blue grass buddies together Saturday, Nov. 13, and the house was full. Afterwards Don and Sarah Howe shared their amazing testimony. The video testimony, along with the audio recording of the Blue Grass is posted on the web site along with many other events. Check it out at Dennis’ Fiancé, Debbie Stocking will be sharing her incredible journey Saturday Dec. 11th, 2010 7PM. Jody Price will start our New Year off  bringing honor to God. What a way to kick off the New Year, he will share his touching testimony Saturday, Jan. 1st, 2011, 7PM! We have incredible testimonies monthly of someone’s life being miraculously transformed. Look for the postings on the web site. Come feel the love of Jesus and leave encouraged, refreshed, and with a new purpose!

                    Upcoming Speaking Engagements: Sunday, November 28, I will bring the Thanksgiving Day Message to the Sharon Baptist Church in Woodward OK. Pastor John Sherrill will be filling in for me at “The Recovery Church”. You can check the web site and click on “Speaking Engagements” for updates! I recently shared with Lakeside Baptist Church, F.L. and Donna Estes’ church, I had a great day. Once again people from my past, those who were used of God to shape my life, were present, folks I haven’t seen in 40 years. Brother Lawrence is a very sweet and humble man, and I thank you very much for the honor of speaking to your church.

                    I preformed my second wedding Saturday, November 13. After 6 months of the most delightful marriage counseling, Clint and Megan Powers became husband and wife. Through the six month journey I not only became their pastor of marriage, but a new second father. I fell in love with both of them, and we had such an incredible journey learning together. You guys are great, and make a beautiful couple, thank you for the fun 6 months, and the honor of marrying you!

                    How many giving people have there been in my life? How many have given part of themselves so I might grow, accomplish my goals, find wholeness and satisfaction, and reach beyond the tiny, limited realm of my imagination? So, so many. Thank you, Lord, for each one. Their names could fill this page. Each of you knows who you are, and I pray the Lord will attach a special angel to carry this to each of your hearts, letting you know how very thankful I am for each of you. I do truly love you with all my heart, and thank God daily for each of you. It is because of God working through your prayers, love, encouragement, counsel, and support that this ministry has blossomed and is producing good fruit!  Lastly to my prison family, this is for each of you, I love you guys, I survive off your prayers. Although I do not miss prison, I miss each of you enormously. “Happy Thanksgiving Guys”


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