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May 2011 Newsletter


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    Monthly Newsletter — May 2011


    Jubilee 2011 “Spring of Life” is over and it was a huge success thanks to many great folks. The praise teams were phenomenal, Karla’s testimony was powerful               may newsletter pic 3   Baptisms & Easter Sunday 011
    and moving, the weather was great, and lots of good food; but the one amazing thing that continues to stand out in my mind is the many men, women, and businesses that came together giving of their time and resources to pull this off. Spaces don’t allow, and surely I would forget someone, so I dare not begin naming any; but this was the true blessing.  They prepared 1200 hot dogs, chips, and drinks, a field and stage with lighting and sound, parked cars, spent months advertising and promoting, and on top of that we had “The Wedding” of Sandy and Lanee Gabriel at 2 PM the same day.  Dozens men and women worked simultaneously decorating the church and coordinating the wedding/reception. After the reception they put the church back together for services the next morning, while getting the Jubilee ready for kick off at 6:30 PM. “WOW”, what a busy couple days, this was a miracle and blessing from God. Thank each of you for your labor, time, and resources.

    Sandy and Lanee’s wedding was a huge part of the Jubilee. You see, Sandy is a Spring of Life. It was only a year and half ago he had hit rock bottom from a life of drugs. I met Sandy in jail, he was awaiting trail and headed to prison if God didn’t intervene. Sandy began to seek a relationship with Jesus while in jail and in a few months, after much prayer, he was accepted to drug court. Sandy in a model for the drug court, he has sold completely out to the Lord. God has used Sharon Cain and the drug court to create a beautiful human being in Sandy. God is truly blessing them beyond their wildest dreams. Sandy will begin going into the jails with me occasionally to share his story of God’s mercy and power to change a life. They would like to thank everyone for all the hard work, the many gifts, and  wedding a blessing from God. Pictures say a thousand words.
                                                                                                                     May newsletter pic 1             Maynewwsletter 4          

    Debbie and I were honored to speak to the young adults at “The Republic Learning and Leadership Academy” early this month. Terri Walker, Administrator, does a great job shaping the hearts of our future generation. I believe these young adults have a bright future; we were impressed by their open and teachable spirits.

    Sunday, May 29th, at 7 PM we will Baptize Johnny McKinney and Mickel Reed. Then the following Saturday, June 4th, at 4 PM, Tina Cox and Mickel Reed will tie the knot. It’s my honor to be performing the ceremony. This is yet another success story of God’s mighty love and power to change lives. Tina will be sharing her incredible testimony soon, maybe the beginning of July, be looking for the announcement on the web site.

    Arvell Adkins, 78 years young shared his touching story last month. This soften spoken saint will bless your hearts. Go to and click ontestimonies to see the video along with many other moving stories of God’s love.      
                                                          Arvel  2

    Last week the jail staff called and asked if we would be willing to take a young lady to the “Firstep Women’s Recovery Center” in O.K.C. Debbie has been visiting her in jail for awhile, her situation is so sad and seemed so hopeless.  Debbie begin to minister and they got serious with the Lord and Cried Out for help on her behalf. Dave Horn said the judge was moved with compassion for her and decided to offer her this last chance, but she had no family or anyone to take her to the rehab, she was scheduled to be sentenced to prison that day. What a blessed trip, the Firstep Recovery Center is a true blessing to our state and these women. We spent the day with the director and some of the girls, made some great contacts, got many good ideals for our future Recovery Home, it was a divine appointment designed by the Lord Jesus.


    In closing I would like to say a special thanks to Geoff and Cheryl Hamence, they live in Australia. Talk about divine appointments, it’s a long story about how we met through internet prayer, but they have followed God’s work through our ministry since I got out of prison. Jesus’ work through my life has inspired them and they are now supporting the work of God through our ministry from half way around the world. Guy’s, thank you so very much, your generosity and support in this kingdom work has given us tremendous confidence and encouragement!


    Thank each of you so much! On behalf of my co-laborers and our entire church, I want you to know how very much we appreciate your support of this ministry. We remain encouraged by the willingness of brothers and sisters like you who help us do the work that grips our hearts and minds. We have made ourselves available to the Lord, that He might use The Recovery Church Ministry to make a difference in our community, (our Jerusalem), our state, (our Judea and Samaria), and our country, by changing lives one at a time. Lives deemed hopeless and helpless!

    We have great hopes that a Steps of Christ Recovery Home is in our near future. This will be a powerful ministry tool. For Jesus said, “When you put on a luncheon or a banquet, don’t invite your friends, brothers, relatives, and rich neighbors. For they will invite you back, and that will be your only reward. Instead, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind. Then at the resurrection of the righteous, God will reward you for inviting those who could not repay you.”(Luke 14:12-14). So again, thank you for standing with us 

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