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May 2010 Newsletter


Dennis Hall’s Monthly Newsletter”

 May 2010


Dear Friends, “WOW” what another exciting month we have had seeing the devil exposed and defeated. Let me begin with a familiar story of Jesus restoring a girl to life. Mark 5:35-43 (also Matthew 9:23-26; Luke 8:49-56) tells the story.

                While He was still talking to her, messengers arrived from Jairus’s home with the news that it was too late-his daughter was dead and there was no point in Jesus’ coming now. But Jesus ignored their comments and said to Jairus, “Don’t be afraid. Just trust Me.”

                Then Jesus halted the crowd and wouldn’t let anyone go on with Him to Jairus’s home except Peter, James and John. When they arrived, Jesus saw that all was in great confusion, with unrestrained weeping and wailing. He went inside and spoke to the people. “Why all this weeping and commotion?” He asked. “The child isn’t dead; she is only asleep!” They laughed at Him in bitter derision, but He told them all to leave, and taking the little girl’s father and mother and His three disciples, He went into the room where she was lying. Taking her by the hand He said to her, “Get up, little girl!” (She was twelve years old.) And she jumped up and walked around! Her parents just couldn’t get over it. Jesus told them to give her something to eat.

                Power over Death: The leader of the synagogue didn’t come to Jesus until his daughter was near death-it was too late for anyone else to help. But Jesus simply went to the girl and raised her! In our lives Christ can make a difference when it is too late for anyone else to help. He can bring healing to broken relationships, release from addicting habits, and forgiveness and healing to emotional scars. If your situation looks hopeless remember that Jesus can do the impossible which leads me to the next few stories.

                A little over a year ago, myself, and several others were invited to share our testimonies at the annual “Freedom Rally”. A lady in Oklahoma City heard about the event and contacted me concerning her sister. She was desperate, and said her sister would not live but a few more months if something miraculous didn’t happen. She had entered the dark worlds of central Oklahoma City and Tulsa gangs, full of demonic witchcraft and every kind evil drug. She was a junkie who had lost four children and was very close to death’s door. This loving sister was the only one other than Jesus who hadn’t given up on her. She had convinced her to meet with me. I had been praying earnestly and was excited about the meeting. At the last minute the sister called and said she had backed out. She was naturally heartbroken, but we prayed earnestly over the next few days. One evening we made a last desperate cry to the Lord, asking Him to put a special angel in charge of her, to keep her alive until she came to the end of herself. I then asked Him to direct her to me. I have prayed for her many times over the last year. I touched base periodically with this loving sister, finding out what little information I could and going to the throne room with my petitions.

                Three weeks ago this lady contacted me on Face Book and said you have to be the Dennis my sister wanted me to meet last year. I just begin praising God for bringing her to me after a year. Since then she has become a huge part of “Steps of Christ Recovery” and will be sharing her story soon. The Lord is slowly restoring her life, and recently she was allowed to begin seeing two of her children after so many years in darkness.

                The Lord does work in strange ways, because 7 months ago legions of demons had entered a man in the Stephens County jail. The staff had restrained him and put him on suicide watch. He was so violent that the administration was about to ask us to leave, when Don Beasley recognized this as an opportunity for the Lord to do something miraculous. He convinced the staff to allow us some time with this man. At first he just kept screaming and beating the doors with all his power, beating his head against the metal. It sounded as though a bomb had hit a ship. He was full of hate and rage. Don and I worked with him for a long time, doing spiritual warfare and finally he was freed. So powerful was the move of God that order was immediately restored to the jail. We called F.L. Estes and Dave Horn, the under Sherriff and jail supervisor to come back as the man set on the floor in a puddle of tears and sweat, asking them to forgive him. Several weeks later Don and I baptized him. Carl Herd was present and said in all his 82 years he had never witnessed such a move of God’s spirit at a baptism. Every man in the pod was weeping uncontrollably, including us.

                This man was released 3 months ago and promised he would get in touch with me to be part of our group. I often thought about him and prayed. Then last week, the lady mentioned above, ran into him and his girl friend. She was sharing her story about God leading her to me, when she mentioned my name and the meeting we were having that night; he said “We have to go with you”. That was the first night for my van, yes the Lord did bring us a van until a better one comes. It seats 7 and that night Richard Adkins picked up 8 people in it, sounds like the Lord! At the meeting that night there wasn’t a dry eye in the place as Marcus and his girlfriend wept and rededicated their lives to God. The next day the Lord got Marcus a great job with a Christian boss.

                This is just two examples. Neither space nor time will allow me to share with you what the Lord does daily in the lives of people we come in contact with in the jails or at “Steps of Christ Recovery”.  We are in the midst of a great revival of souls. Hallelujah!  I watched Dave Horn and F.L. Estes show love to a man who has been locked down over a year. He would go crazy at times and tried desperately to hurt anyone who would get close to him. He has been a huge problem to the jail. Last week powerful prayer and love won. He is an entirely new creature full of the love and peace of Jesus.

                Healing takes time. The one who needs time to heal, perhaps months or even years, often becomes the recipient of resentment. Instead of being affirmed and encouraged to press through the pain, allowing sufficient time to get better, the suffer encounters resentment and impatience. Uninvited advice, dripping with misunderstanding and disrespect begins to flow. Just as it is possible to hurry the young through childhood and refusing to give them the benefit of growing up slowly and securely, so it is possible to hurry the deeply wounded through recovery. This robs them of the benefits of healing slowly and permanently.

                I hope this month’s letter brings a little light to your world. All the news isn’t bad. God is alive, powerful and moving mightier than ever. You will miss Him if you live in a world that’s continually focused on the negative. Finally, to all of you who support this ministry. What can I say?  Thank you is such a cheap payment for so great a treasure as God has given me in each you. You are a part of everything I have mentioned above and none of this would be without you. I love each of you with all my heart and I do pray every single day over you! Your support is God’s way of telling me He is pleased with the labor and efforts that have gone into the success of this ministry. All praise and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

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