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    Great testimonies this month of our Lord doing some amazing transformations. Hope and pray these stories encourage you as much as they have us! To God be the glory!


    Megan & Chad’s Story

    TG News 5

    Megan came to The Recovery Church about 3 years ago. Her life destroyed by meth, the horse she loved gone forever, and her dream to be a veterinary lost. As she begin building a relationship with Jesus she replaced the drugs with His love, then her life slowly began to take shape once again, and after about a year and half she met Chad Harding who started attending Church shortly after Megan. We are very proud of Chad who will graduate the two year drug court program next month. His life also had also been destroyed by drugs until he begin building a relationship with Jesus. Megan & Chad were both baptized last year, and they love their relationship with Jesus. Now for one more piece of fantastic news, Megan has been accepted to North Oklahoma College to fulfill her dream of becoming a Veterinary. We hate to lose them as they embark on another chapter of their lives.  


    Congratulations Erik Hansen 


    erik awarded

    We acknowledged Erik as our most improved student of God’s word. Erik has been with us a little over two years. Doctors diagnosed him with Altizem, but we are witnessing the word of God change Erik into a mighty disciples for our Lords Army. He’s a very special young man who loves his Lord and His word with all his heart! He has Amazing biblical knowledge for such a short time!


    Bowling Trips


    We’ve been having some exciting and fun times on our Tuesday night bowling trips. Many of our kids don’t get activities like these, we are discovering this to be a great way to build family as well! It is hard on an old stiff body though that hasn’t bowled in 30 plus years other than wii bowling with the grand kids!




    Certificates of Recognition

    Team Certificates of Appreation


    Some of our dedicated team, from left Kenneth Ashley, Joey (boy) McKinney, Heather Phillips, Franky Bryant, Darlene & Johnny Mckinney. The two special children are Issac and Genesis Williams. We recognized this group for their dedication and hard work in being a major part of the engine that makes Recovery Church run. Most have come out of terrible lives and now on fire for Jesus and our Lords kingdom!


    Jail Baptisms 


    Women Jail Baptism 2

    We have some great weekly ministry going on inside the Stephens county jail and last month over 20 baptisms. 


    The monthly prison ministry at Cushing, Holdenville, Lawton are going really well also. It’s really a blessing for me persoanlly to get to minister with my wife and the chaplain I worked 5 years for inside the prison pods, & also spend time with guys I spent 7 years of my life with. It’s a tremendous encouragement for them to see this life really can happen with our Lord. We’d like to thank our church family and partners of Recovery Church for making this ministry possible!



    Johnny & Darlene McKinney 10 Year Anniversary



    Johnny & Darlene’s story is another of God’s miraculous transformations. Johnny had been addicted to drugs for most of his life. His dad abandon him at an early age, and his mother’s illness sent her to a nursing home when he was 14, he took care of her until then, and for the most part raised himself. At 15 he was court ordered to a boy’s home. After a failed first marriage, he lost his son Joey because of drugs. He came to Recovery Church 5 years ago and had a dream of playing the guitar for the praise team. He was still using drugs at that time and just stood in front of the stage with a string-less guitar. After we got him away from bad influences at a rehab, 6 months later he returned having a deeper relationship with Jesus, and the beginning of a guitar player. He and Darlene begin building their marriage with Jesus at the center and it’s simply amazing the transformation. Johnny is now manager of Magnum Automotive after being out of work 8 years due to injuries & drugs, Darlene is manager of Billy Sims BBQ. Now they are both part of the praise team. Johnny is our lead guitar player and Darlene who could hardly look at a crowd is now singing. The picture above is their 10 year anniversary. Johnny had flat lined in the ER once in his life but he came back alive. God wasn’t finished him! Below is a picture of them with their granddaughter McKenzie, and Johnny’s son Joey, who’s been back in their lives two years. Joey is our drummer & has plans of attending a Christian college. Johnny thought he had lost his son forever. Only by the grace of God can something like this happen. Now they are both a big part of Recovery Church ministry team!

    thanksgiving 1 4

    Johnny and Darlene bought their first home and close on it in a few days—Congratulations guys! Another great accomplishment!


    Phil, Diann, Elijah, and Ezekiel Jones




    We’ve seen the Lord do some amazing things in this family. Diann’s sister Beverly was miraculously  healed through a very life threatening surgery, God has been so active in all of their families lives. We’ve seen Him protect, restore, heal, inspire, and richly bless them. We are honoring them this month for their commitment and dedication to this church body their evangelism efforts. Pictured below is Diann & granddaughter Olivia to the left and sister Gwen Housman to the right. Gwen is a light and pure joy to be around. She’s also an anchor of encouragement!


     IMG_9818 IMG_9820



    In  closing we’d like to thank all our church family and Recovery Partners for your continued support of this most needful work. Without each of you this could never be! 

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