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March 2013 Newsletter


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    March 2013


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    Monthly Newsletter 
    March 2013


    Rodonna Carter & James Wosener Wedding


    James Rodonna












    Rodonna come to us early 2010 when we had Steps of Christ Recovery at Gatlin Church. I’ll never forget the first time I met her. I was teaching and she had to leave she was crying so hard. I didn’t know and thought I had offended her somehow so I follow her out. Of course I couldn’t remember how she pronounced her name and I was hollering all kinds of R-Donna’s. Rodonna got into drug court and we journeyed the whole 2 years with her. Drugs had cost her everything, but most damaging was her nursing career and licenses. She allowed drug court to be a time out and take a serious look at her life. She saw her desperate need for a relationship with Jesus and it wasn’t long until she had given her life to The Lord and was baptized. She became very involved in Church and now is a sponsor and helper in the women’s group. Amazingly God opened the door for her to get her nursing licenses back and after a few in-between jobs she’s back where she started. Now God has brought her the man that He put together for her. James is a great guy who knows and loves Jesus. He & Rodonna will make their home in Duncan and will be very active in the ministry. Only God can restore a life this way.  The wedding will be Sunday, April 7th, 2013, 2:30 PM  at The Recovery Church.


    Mike Mullins


    Mike Mullins

    Mike Mullins will be sharing his


    amazing journey Sunday, April 14,


    at 6 PM. Approximately 10 years 


    ago he and his wife Sony, lost 


    their daughter Kale in a tragic car 


    accident. She had just been to 


    Falls Creek and given her life to 


    Jesus. Pictured is Mike singing the 


    “Anchor Holds”. He is members of 


    our praise team and knows by 


    experience that the Anchor truly 


    does hold. 



    Easter Egg Hunt


    Easter 2013 Newsltter


    The weather was a bit cool Saturday for the 3rd annual egg hunt. We still had many kids and had a great time allowing them to tell us what Easter and Jesus meant to them. After a meal, prizes & awards, we shared the Easter story and then turned the mics over to the kids. Let your imagination go…It was that much fun. We use these seasons to bring Jesus alive in the hearts of our kids and it seems to work well. 



    Second Recovery Home


    Recovery Home 2



    We recently purchased our second recovery home. This is a three bedroom 1½ bath. Eventually we will use for men, but for now we are assisting another family. Robert Wilkins, along with wife & daughter has lived in our first home several months. Robert is doing great, he has climb the ladder at his job, has his family & life back together, next month he will be 100% paying his own way. Robert does give back; he drives the church van and taught himself the sound board and video system for Church services.  He recently said with tears in his eyes, he could never have done this without God & his church family. We are blessed to see him holding his daughter in his arms and his wife Billie helping run the system. That’s what Christianity is about, allowing Jesus to use what we have, so He can put lives back together!



    Jails Baptisms


    Jail BaptismsDebbie and the other Chaplains have been doing a great work with the ladies in Stephens County jail. Last week they Baptized 17 ladies and we baptized 9 several weeks earlier. The men had 4 baptized. The Lord continues to touch & change lives in our jails. We have a great team of dedicated Chaplains, the Sheriff and his entire jail staff are to be commended for allowing the chaplains to serve the Lord & the community through the jails and working with us as they do. I also want to commend our parole office and drug court for the outstanding job they do in helping people put their lives back together. It’s a very draining and demanding job that takes a lot of true love & patience. Thank you guys, Great job



    Sunday Morning Bible Journey


    Bible Journey

    Dwain Adkins does a terrific job with our Sunday morning Bible Journey. When the Lord called him to our church a year and half ago we didn’t have a Sunday morning Bible class. He started with a hand full of sleepy eyes folks and now it has an average of 25 and is growing rapidly. We are in the process of remolding another room just for this class and our Tuesday men’s group. Everyone who attends this Bible discussion just loves it. Great job Dwain!




    Weekly Calendar

    Tuesday at 7 PM-Sunday at 10:30 & 6 PM Regular Church Services


    Come feel the Love of Jesus, be refreshed and encouraged.


    Thur. 12-1PM: “New” Noon Recovery Meeting: Richard Neeld (Life Recovery Bible/Workbook) This week step 7, lesson 5 , “Declared Not Guilty“.


    Tues. 7 PM:  Ladies Night “New Night”: Debbie Hall  (Life Recovery Bible/ Workbook & Commands of Christ) This week  Step 8, lesson 6, “The Fruit of Forgiveness”.  


    Tues.7 PM:  Men’s Night with Dennis: This year we men are on a journey to discover “The Power for Successful Living” as weincorporating Jesus’ teaching into the steps. Discovering these mysteries is what will set us free. “From then on, Jesus began to tell people, “Turn to God and change the way you think and act, because the kingdom of heaven is near” (Matthew 4:17). This week we will look at ‘Going to Offenders-The Power of Verifying Truth’ (Matthew 18:15).

    Sat. 7 PM:   Step Night with Dennis (12 Step Life Recovery Bible/Small Groups). This week Step 3, lesson 2 “Free to Choose”.

    Easter SundayMarch 31st, 2013 – “The Cross & the Empty Tomb” He is risen. Is Jesus alive in your life. Evening service is devoted to the promises of God, Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the word of God. This week the promises of Salvation.

    Sunday Morning Explore and Discuss the Bible with Dwain & Arvel Adkins. Begins at 9:30 AM. This month the Books of Hosea, Amos, and Jonah: Revealing the Heart of God.

    Praise & Worship begins at 10:30, Message by Dennis Hall at 11:15–Evening Service Begins at 6 PM with The Promises of God.




    Children’s Ministry”


    We have excellent child care for every service. God has called Jamie Mangum and Amanda Blake into very special ministers of children. They bring Jesus alive in the hearts of our kids in many creative ways. Some of our children come from broken homes, so Jamie and Amanda show them extra love and affection to instill, in them, the vision that God has for their lives. They also teach them to honor and respect their authorities, beginning with their parents.



    Our kids know that they are loved and many cry when they have to leave. I wish grown ups loved church that much! We teach them the love of Jesus, that they are highly favored  and very valuable to God, to us, and to their families. They are the future and we take this responsibility seriously.



    In Closing we won’t to thank each of you so much! On behalf of our co-laborers and the entire church, Debbie and I want you to know how very much we appreciate your support of this ministry. We remain encouraged by the willingness of brothers and sisters like you who help us do the work that grips our hearts. We have made ourselves available to the Lord that He might use The Recovery Church Family to make a difference in our community, and we remain encouraged that we will have the Castle Home this year as a place for women. Debbie and I want to say a special thank you to our church family who give of themselves so much. We love & appreciate each of you in a very special way!



    For all Video Testimonies and Audio Sermons go to our web site at Dennis just completes a series titles “Even as Your Soul Prospers”




    Loving God-Loving People-Serving Both While Serving Our Community. Changing Our World One Heart at a Time!




    If you would like to become a partner in this ministry, please make out support checks in the name of The Recovery Church, P.O. Box 2117, Duncan, OK 73534 in order for them to be tax-deductible





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