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March 2011 Newsletter


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    Monthly Newsletter — March 2011


    Last year’s Jubilee was such a success that we are in the early stages of developing the 2011 Jubilee, if you are interested in being a part in any way please contact us!

    Some of our praise team, Jason Barrett, Robert (Fiddler) Bilbery, Jayni Graham have been spending their Saturdays at the Meridian Nursing home worshipping God with Lloyd Don Keck and the other residents. Rachael and Willow Sigman are responsible for the pictures. Rachael said God was so overwhelmingly present, and as you can see it’s pretty amazing.

    We are grateful that Jerry and Susan Shaffer have the same passions as we do for lost souls and the Kingdom of God. Jerry recently preached two sermons “Are You Limiting God in Your Life”, and “It ain’t Dark Anymore”, both can be heard at under audio sermons. Susan is helping Debbie, Melody, and Betty with our “Ladies Night Out” every Wednesday. They recently moved Preferred Reality to Deer Creek Mall, north of Sears.


    “Kingdom Minded”

    Tuesday Debbie and I spoke with the New Hope Baptist Church Women’s group and last week we were with the First Baptist Women’s Mission group. We were very encouraged by their love and support; they have the same passion for a recovery home in Duncan and this mission God has placed before us. Thank you ladies  so much for the love, hospitality, and encouragement. We had a great time.








    Youth Rally

    The Youth Rally at Glory Bound Church in Marlow was a huge success. The Holy Spirit was so powerful and I saw many young adults touched deeply by the Lord. Erica Robinson and the Glory Bound youth praise team were phenomenal. The Boyer’s worshiped God with their musical talents and the presence of God was overwhelming. Jonathan Sheppard, Amos and Abigail Smith encouraged our hearts with their touching testimonies. Big thanks to go out to the entire Glory Bound Church, special thanks to Ramsey’s and Melton’s for all their hard work. The entire Rally will be posted on under audio sermons.

    Last month The The Recovery Church had a mini Jubilee with The Boyer’s, Crossword, and of course Jason and our worship team. We had over 150 people, two came to the Lord, and the Holy Spirit was so overwhelming that a man named Johnny had demons coming out. He ran outside screaming, Dave Horn, Greg White, and Walter Mann begin to pray for him. Walter laid hands on him and as they were praying the lights flashed and the demons left. Johnny came back in and hasn’t missed a day of church since. His face now shines with the peace of Jesus and he is delivered from drugs. Another man just begins weeping uncontrollably and came to me saying he had to give his life to Jesus. We will baptize soon.

    Ron & Betty Smith, Joe & Melody, and Debbie & I spent two days last week with the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. We attended a conference “Coloring outside the Box”. Some of the most energetic and encouraging pastors I’ve ever been around allowing God to do amazing work through their churches. The whole focus of this conference was about the Kingdom of God and building relationships with lost souls, and getting outside the religious traditions which are strangling the life out of the church of Jesus Christ. We are losing the world because of religious traditions. Praise God He is rising up a generation that has had enough and is allowing God to come alive through them and their churches. We were so encouraged to know we weren’t alone is this mighty move of the Holy Spirit. We are living in revival times, hallelujah!

                     May 21, 2011 at 2:30, the afternoon before the Jubilee, it’s my honor to perform the wedding ceremony of Sandy Gabriel and Lanee Estes. What a celebration we will have for them at the jubilee. The pulpit you see in the back ground was a surprise custom made for me by Billy Gillespie. Thank you Billy!

                     I would like to thank Lynn Parr and Frank Sissons for the opportunity to speak to the Men’s Breakfast group at Emmanuel Baptist  Church. We had a great time. These guys are serious about their fellowship, they meet at 6 AM Friday. The message is posted at under audio sermons.

                    Check out the events calendar  click on  Recovery Church, we have something going on every night. We also have a blog with encouraging devotions posted daily at 

    In closing, my heart is overflowing with joy and gratitude to the many of you who make this ministry possible. We are seeing so many lives deeply touched and changed by the hand of Almighty God. We are excited about the move of God in our community and the work He is doing. It takes many laborers for this to be successful and we are so tremendously grateful that God has blessed us enormously with each of you. The move of God in the jails is still powerful and The Recovery Church has been successful in preventing some from going back. Praise God for this house of refuge!

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