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June 2011 Newsletter



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June 2011

Mother Healed by the hand of God (1)


O Lord God, thank You for yet another miracle, mother is well on the road to a full recovery from bone cancer. Hallelujah!  Thank all of you for your encouragement and prayers; please continue your prayers for her as she recovers!

Billy Anointing Me

Well it’s been another exciting and phenomenal month for The Recovery Church.  It began with my brother and friend, Billy Morgan, of The Freedom Biker Church, speaking a blessing over me and our church, then anointing me. WOW, Billy that was the most powerful blessing ever spoken over me. It not only touched my heart deeply, it blessed our entire church. You are a true blessing to us, this community, and the Kingdom of God.

Lisa, I am Free

Lisa Meehan made it back from Honduras and she was glad to be home, pictures say a thousand words. She was 4 months on the mission field and came home a changed lady; we had a great welcome home party for her. She will be sharing the second part of her testimony Sunday, June 26th.  By the time you receive this newsletter the video will be posted on our web site under testimonies. She already has a job and shines even brighter than when she left. Welcome home Lisa!

Tina and Michael Wedding


Saturday, June 4th, Tina and Michael Reed were married. It was a great day in our Lord’s kingdom. Tina and Michael are another testimony of God’s love and power to change and restore lives. Be looking for their story sometime in August or September, the date will be posted on our web site under Testimonies. This makes 4 weddings in the 6 months we have been church. We have three more scheduled in the next few months. Robert Bilbrey & Shanna Isbell, Jason Barrat & Sheena Long, and Chris Cresset & Laurie Norton.  Every other Monday evening Joe and Melody Horton have couples night, and Debbie and I have marriage counseling sessions on the alternate Mondays. We are experiencing tremendous success with these couples groups as we learn together the ways God has ordained for marriage. Some of what we look into is, “What Kills the Spirit of Marriages”, “The Absolutes of Communication and Doing it God’s Way”, and “Understanding the Purposes of Why God Created Men and Women so Differently”.  We are seeking to make an impact in our community as we bring Honor to our Lord through our marriages.


Johnny McKinney Baptism


We had 4 Baptisms this month at Church, Johnny McKinney, Heather Reed, Michael Reed, and Shirley Wheeler, and 9 people were baptized in the jails. Debbie and I have been blessed with the move of God in the jails. We have four different life changing seminars going on, “Taking the Test of life”, “Knowing God’s Will”, “Blessings and Cursings”, and “Are You Limiting God”. Sheriff McKinney, F.L. Estes, Jim McNair, Dave Horn, and the entire department are to be honored for allowing this great work of God to move forward. Also I would like to honor Sharon Cain and Martha Ray for the best drug court in the state. Please keep these folks and their staff lifted up in prayer, they are doing a mighty work in God’s Kingdom and fight a lot of spiritual warfare. To each of you, THANK YOU!


     “Exciting changes in our Church Calendar”

Lynn & Sandy Parr



  Tuesday at 7 PM, and Sunday at 10:30 AM, & 6 PM are our regular church services. Sunday morning at 9:30 Dwain Adkins is teaching a Bible study for everyone. Last Sunday was our first time, and the turn was great. As I have already mentioned above that Monday’s are Couples Night. Wednesday is “Ladies Night Out”,Susan Shaffer, Debbie Hall, and about 20 ladies are journeying through The Life Recovery Bible with the workbooks and discovering much about their spirituality. They are seeking to become all that God has promised them and everyone seems to be really excited about this new journey.  Thursday is“Men’s Night Out”. Lynn Parr and I are taking the men through the same journey. Men need to learn how to be Spiritual leaders in their families and in this world.  Last week was our first session with The Life Recovery Bible and Workbooks. We had about 18 men and everyone left excited with a new bounce in their step.  Saturday is “Step Night”, we also use the 12 Step Life Recovery Bible and follow the 7 lessons of each step. This night, along with Tuesday nights, are targeted for more interaction/discussion, and building small group families in order to develop accountability partners. Each night begins at 7 PM.



Monday, June 27th, Debbie and I have a meeting with Lee Armstrong of Duane Sheriff Ministries and Victory Life Church in Durant Oklahoma. They have one of the largest recovery ministries in America and also are very involved with recovery homes and rehab centers.  We are excited about the possibilities of our relationship with this anointed ministry.  Brother Duane Pastors 8 churches and the church in Durant has grown to 4,000 members, about one quarter Durant’s population. He is providing the teaching material for the seminars in our jails. Our dream for a recovery home seems to be unfolding before our eyes. Please continue you prayers for us, Duncan desperately needs a home and rehab center.


Jamie Mangum



In closing we would like to recognize these ladies for keeping the joyful and positive spirits alive in our church. Not only do they take the initiative to do the small things, but never back down from the larger ones either. Their willingness to see and make the necessary changes in the way we do church, well that’s why our church is so real and alive. Jamie, Gerol, Cookie, and May, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!  




Gerol, May, Cookie



We are enlarging our church 4000 additional square foot by expanding into the space north of us. We have just out grown our space to quickly. This is going to be laborious and expensive. We have labor, but materials, furnishings, chairs, etc., or however the Lord may lead you, would be greatly appreciated. Just call me with anything you might think useful.  Thank everyone for praying about Debbie’s house in Woodward, it finally sold! Also we want to thank everyone who supports us in any way. God is doing a great work in many lives in our community and each of you are a big part of this mighty move of God!



 If you would like to become a partner in this ministry, please fill out the form below, clip it off and mail it to our new church, The Recovery Church. Please make out support checks in the name of The Recovery Church, P.O. Box 2117, Duncan, OK 73534 in order for them to be tax-deductible.



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Dave Horn

Thank you Dave Horn. I love and appreciate you so much brother. I pray God continues to bless your life richly

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