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    Happy New Year January 2010

    The Wedding: In 1 Kings, Chapter 8, King Solomon, the son of King David, dedicated the Temple of God, the house that he had built, unto the Lord God. His father David had spent the later part of his life preparing and gathering the materials for a house that God could dwell in, and then God informed him that he would not be the one to build this house, but his son Solomon would. Solomon spent the first 13 years building his own house, and then in 7 years he completed this master piece, the Temple of God. He was 20 years in his task. As I have read this story many times, I always wondered why Solomon didn’t build God’s house first. But isn’t that just our human nature, we normally put ourselves first. So like Solomon’s Temple, Debbie and I have been many years preparing and gathering the material for this house, our union. So on December 26, 2010, we too dedicated our temple unto the Lord God. For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and the two shall become one flesh. We, as Christian are the Temples of God. It was in God’s perfect timing and with His clear calling that we, with great joy, have joined our lives together. There are so many to thank, that I dare not venture into this deep water, for fear I shall forget one. Ten thousand “Thank You’s”, would never be enough, nor are there words to properly express how grateful we are for each one who made this such a special day, the Lord does indeed honor those who choose to honor Him. Several pictures are posted on the web site.
    The Recovery Church: The New Year’s celebration was a huge success, Debbie and I arrived in town from our honeymoon only hours before the kick off, just in time. We allowed the Holy Spirit to take over, and for a couple hours everyone begin sharing something special between themselves and Jesus this past year. It was so anointed; several lives were changed that night. We honored God and dedicated ourselves and the New Year to Him, at midnight we popped the corks on sparkling grape juice. It was phenomenal, and felt so good to see so many people enjoying themselves; because many of us have popped other things celebrating the New Years.
    The Recovery Church Calendar of Events: Coming soon a special testimony from Amos Smith about his 3 months journey through the country of Honduras. 
    Tuesdays at 7 pm and Sundays at 10:30 am & 6 pm,are our regular church services.
    Wednesdays at 7 pm: “Ladies Night Out”. It’s a journey through God’s Word to discover the Lord’s purposes for your lives as women, so that you may have that abundant and fulfilling life God promises. Betty Smith and Debbie Hall are providing these studies. Childcare is available.
    Thursdays at 7 pm: “Men’s Night Out”. Become Spiritual Leaders as we journey in the footsteps of Jesus as the 12 Apostles did, in doing so we will deepen our relationship with Jesus, and become better Spiritual Leaders in order to be the Fathers, Husbands, and Son’s we so desperately need to be, to become the “Salt and Light of the Earth”.
    Friday at 7 pm: “Games and Fellowship Night”.  Fun, games, and developing true friendships; just a place to come and enjoy yourselves and have fellowship with people who care. We are attempting to have something every night, a place of refuge from the devils influences. We have several Baptisms coming up this Sunday; I will name them in next month’s letter. For those of you who don’t know, we are located in the Deer Creek Mall (North of Sears or Golden Corral). For information about our church, go to our web site  Recovery Church now has a Blog at Check out the different topics and be encouraged by some powerful promises and truths from God’s Word.!
    Steps of Christ Recovery: Jody Price honored God New Year’s night by sharing his touching story, it was so powerful, to see the video go to our web site and click on testimonies.  Walter (Mr.Mann) Jones will share his story this Saturday, Jan 29th. By the time you receive this letter it will be too late to come personally, but you can see the video along with all the others by clicking on testimonies. Walter has crucified and buried Mr. Mann. His has been a long journey, a true story of a wild prodigal son, and a loving, and longsuffering, Father. Joe Horton will share his testimony Saturday, Feb. 19, and Greg White, Jayni Graham, Kay Dart Adams, and others will be coming soon. We are now journeying through the 12 steps of the Life Recovery Bible. Tuesday nights are normally open share as we discuss the inward characteristics of developing Godly character, and Saturday is step night taken from the Life Recovery 12 Step Bible, Steps for Recovery. We meet every Tuesday and Saturday at 7 pm.
    Special Event Saturday, Feburary 26th: we will have a hamburger and hot dog feast. David Woods,The Boyers, and our praise team, Jason Barret, Brian Mullins, Joe Horton, Jayni Graham, Rod Isham, and Mike Brown will bless us with some great praise music, it will be a great time of fellowshipping and enjoying our Lord, a mini Jubilee celebration of God’s blessing on our Church and recovery group.
    Jails: We had our first Chaplains board meeting last week. Board members are Jody Price, Carl Herd, Billie Price, Jeana Meadows, and I. We agreed on several old and some new, to be allowed to minister in the jail. We also agreed on a few men and women to be allowed to come in with one of us, men and women who Jesus really has changed, people like me, so the inmates can see, and not just hear, about what God can do with a life sold out for Him. Men and women they know, who have come from the same hell hole they have lived in. This is going to be powerful and life changing. A message prepared from a mind reaches only another mind, but a message developed through a life will touch and change another life. We would like to thank the entire Sheriff Dept., jail staff, and drug courts for allowing the work of God to move so mightily.
              In closing I’d like to thank our entire church for all your sacrifice and dedication to the work of God. We have witnessed so many lives drastically changed these couple months, and so many of you have labored and carried you crosses daily. Be encouraged because you are following in the footsteps of Jesus, doing the work others only talk about. Want an honor God has bestowed upon us, the lest!

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