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Feb 2015 Newsletter


February 2015 Newsletter


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Sorry I missed January newsletter and so late on this one. This year begin busier than last year ended. You might think that’s a good thing, but in ministry that’s not always the case. The Bible teaches us in 1 Timothy 3:4, “If a man does not know how to rule his own house [marriage] well, then how will he take care of the church [house] of God?” So much has happen so quickly in my life since leaving prison 6 years ago, that I had lost focus of God’s plan and my marriage. To make a long story short Jesus and my wife were getting left over’s instead of a relationship with me, and because of that my spiritual life was dying. It all looked good because of all the ministry that was taking place, but I was slowly dying spiritually as was the spirit of my wife. I thank God for the strong Spirit filled wife He’s placed in my life, and this ministry. Because of her we begin getting counsel from our Pastor, Lee Armstrong, of Duane Sheriff Ministries. Lee challenged me, got me pointed back in the right direction, and reminded me of God’s priorities. Men need reminded more often than they need to be taught. Minor adjustments make major changes. Pastor Lee said all we had was a small drip in the plumbing, but if left to drip it would have caused great damage. We’ve all seen what a small drip can do to a house over time! So I’ve re-prioritized my life according to God’s plan & back on the right growth track. Thank God for Godly wives, and thank you pastor Lee!


Rural America Ministries Conference
Duane Sheriff Ministries

IMG_1162We were so excited about the team we took to this years RAM conference which was last week. This year instead of Durant they held it at Eastland TX.,  River of Life Church. Host Pastor Jerry Maston, Pastor Duane Sheriff, and David Barton of Wall Builders, were speakers for 2 days of powerfully anointed teaching. It was a very challenging call for the church of America, to start acting like the bride of Christ, and being the called out ones. The church, like in the days of the Revolutionary war, needs to be on the front lines leading the way. It was a very powerful two days, but also a  challenging call for God’s people to stand up for truth and defend God’s word! We came back ignited and ready to take the challenge! 



Youth Praise Team

youth praiseSome of our youth worshiping the Lord! Most of our kids of come from a life surrounded with drugs and everything that comes from that world!  We believe in generational kingdom building and reversing the generational curse of our kids! We have learned and matured in this area the past 4 years through much trial and error. Jamie and Franky are on a well lit path! Great job guys!


Tran Setters

Shyle McKenzie Justice

On Sunday mornings we kids go in the class room and have a lesson, normally the girls go in a class with Miss Franky. She is a wonderful teacher. She cares so much about us girls as if we were her own. In miss Franky’s class we learn the fruits of the spirit and how to become them, we have big , big , plans for this year and to be more of a young women for God. Also on Tuesday nights the youth department splits up into two groups the boys go in the men’s group and the girls stay in the class room and have a class just us girls, we call ourselves the Tran Setters. Our wonderful teacher is Miss Jamie, she teaches us girls how to be good young women living for the Lord and learning about a relationship with Jesus, and in my opinion her lessons are always really good.    Justice Neeld age 13

several not pictured 


Ladies Life Group


The Ladies Life Group has been learning about the importance of women…. in completing and complementing the image of God….. Which is both male and female. The world has tried to inhibit the need for the female in building God’s kingdom, not wanting to recognize the importance of the feminine part of God! It’s now time for women to remember who they really are, not what others have told us to be. WE are learning that we have amazing potential, that we really can make good choices, and we CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens us…. things we never thought possible. God created us to be beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside….. This brings us to an understanding of our great worth to God which enables us to believe, that He does have great plans for us. We want to know who we truly are and learn to love ourselves and most of all, that as daughters of God, how to stand in the power of God confidently, through a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. We are learning that we are the ones in control of our lives….removing ourselves from the victim mentality which we have allowed to take over our minds. We are evolving into a true understanding of what God says about us, and how we have the power to reach out and claim the destiny that God had established for each one of His daughters, from the very beginning …… we are empowering ourselves and each other as we encourage each other and grow into the mature image of Jesus Christ. We invite you to come join our ladies group as we grow and learn together, the ways of God, for the women of His kingdom . Debbie Hall


Kairos March & April & Nov.
Picture of 2014 Ladies Kairos Mable Bassitt


Debbie and I will be participating in 3 different Kairos’ this year. Cushing Men’s CCF in March, Mable Basset Ladies in April, and Holdenville DFC Men’s in the fall. Kairos is a 4 day journey with 45 team members, plus an outside team of 15 to 20, who meet 4 Saturdays prior to the event, for building unity and receive instruction for the journey. On the planned days we journey 4 days inside the prisons with 45 inmates. It’s some of the most anointed times of ministry I’ve ever experiences. These are always inside high security prisons with many who our lifers. We will raising funds to support these different Kairos. We need to raise at least $500 per Kairos. Any support would be greatly appreciated and I know God will richly bless you for the support of this work. 


Franky Bryant’s Ordination

franky ordination

Feb.1st, 2015, we anointed and ordained Frankie Bryant as Deaconess of Recovery Church according to RMS.16:1. Franky has proven herself the past few years to have a genuine servants heart and a contagious excitement to build God’s kingdom. She is a team player and goes overboard to do her part in making our body work to its full potential. She understands and submits to God ordained authority, is full of faith and the Holy Spirit according to Acts 6:3-5, and loves serving the Lord Jesus and His people. We are truly blessed of the Lord to have her part of this work and our lives!



Valentine Dinner

Valentine 2015

Joy and Don Burchett ministered our Valentines Dinner again this year. We had a good turnout of couples as Joy ministered on the importance’s of communication in marriage and without it you actually have no relationship! She kept us laughing, ,reminding us that laughter is the only exercise your liver receives. A merry heart truly is good medicine! Thanks Joy for always blessing our folks!




In closing I’d like to share one of the exciting open doors of our ministry. Last week Debbie and I begin our monthly ministry inside Cushing Prison. The prison I spent 7 years of my life. The place Jesus begin the slow process of a heart transplant and mind renewal. The 3rd Sunday evening of each month Debbie and I spend 2 1/2 hours with many guys I did time with. My old Chaplain, who I worked 5 years for, is ministering with us. He invested so much time ministering and loving me those 7 years that this is truly a blessing to him. To see his labor was not in vain. The recidivism rates are so high, and this ministry is really heart breaking at times, that when one makes it into the ministry it’s a great reward.  Through God, and the continued support of many of you, we are changing those statistics. We also go monthly on a Saturday to Granite Prison. We continue to be grateful to those of you who support this work in the many way you do. This is the work that God has set before us and it grips our hearts. Each of you share in making this happen. May God continue to richly bless each of you. God bless!


Loving God-Loving People-Serving Both While Serving Our Community. Changing Our World One Heart at a Time!

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