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Fall 2016 Newsletter


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    We are excited to announce that Recovery Church has purchased a church building, the old Glad Tidings Assembly of God, it has 3 acres, a 3 bed 2 bath house as well. It set vacant for a several years, so you can imagine it’s pretty rough. The church is 4500 sq. ft. which includes a small kitchen and fellowship hall.  It has no class rooms, no offices, antique bathrooms with doors that hit the toilet when you open them, you have to squeeze to get it. As you can see we have lots of renovation and building. We originally planned to add 4000 sq. ft., but unexpected fire code expense, easement issues and other unexpected large dollar items eat our budget quickly. With much detailed planning Gwen made 3000 sq. ft. work well for us. This would not be possible without our partners, those who have sown money, labor, material and encouragement. We still have a considerable short fall with finances so any contributions will be greatly appreciated. We are waiting for state to approve our fire sprinkler plan and then we will begin pouring the slab and framing it in.





    IMG_3008     IMG_3022


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    We’ll be posting more pictures and our blue prints as we progress! This is an adventure for our church family working together with our different gifts and talents!



    Pastors Breakfast / Fellowship


    14322425_1287610794585023_6563406075376722815_n - Copy

    Saturday morning we held our first pastors’ breakfast / fellowships! After the successful Community Hope & Awareness Event at New Hope. We were contacted by Pastor Raymond Glass about Recovery Church sponsoring a pastor’s breakfast in an effort to unit our pastors. Our purpose was to get better acquainted and share the visions and missions we each have for our church bodies for the community! In Eph. 4, Paul told us to endeavor to keep the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace…until we all come to the unity of the faith. That speaks volumes to me of God’s concern for a unified church family. If pastors can’t unify how can we expect of church bodies to?


     14333675_1287610867918349_2560822463322572192_n - Copy   14344766_1287611211251648_6235464696038455772_n


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    14355705_1287610834585019_1365985110601175734_n       14292315_1287611064584996_1524515235204040376_n 2


    We had an awesome time as we each shared our heart of uniting and reaching this community–especially considering how the enemy is attempting to divide America–A kingdom divide will fall! We plan this to be a monthly fellowship.  


    Those who could not attend but in full support and will attend the future assembling were Billy Morgan, Randy Sutherland, Lane Smith, Jim and Tina Grounds, David Woods, Jimmy Mitchell. As we make contact with others I’m sure it will grow! 








    We had three baptisms last week at church Joey McKinney, Scott Melton, & Amber Ennis–Also two lake Baptism at our Memorial Day Lake trip pictures is Madison Turner and Melisa Matta. Congratulations guys!


     IMG_3526 2

    IMG_3528   madison bap



    We’ve also had over 90 ladies baptized in the jails since the beginning of this year! 





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     “Recovery Church Ladies at Propel”

    Propel for lades is a monthly fellowship for ladies sponsored by Sandy Stewart of Stephens County Worship Center. 


    They always have excellent speakers with an aim to help christian ladies excel in their christian walk!








     “Memorial Day Lake Trip”

    This was our last lake trip for this year. We ended with a rough sea! Very windy and rough but that didn’t stop the kids from having a blast



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