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Veteran’s day 2019

Click to view this email in a browser politics_5_t.jpg Text {FIRST_NAME|Friend Text Flag pole prayerVeterans day 2019 was a special day for us as we honored our veterans and circled the flag and prayed–giving thanks to God for the great country and the men and women who fought, fight, and will always fight to protect the greatest country in the world. Harold (Chief) Feltman donated our flag and flag pole. We had it installed just in time for this day. I was sure a blessing to be part of circling old glory and giving our great God thanks for our freedom! It’s pretty easy to take the freedom of America for granted. Text D D Standing 22019 was certainly and adventurous and challenging year for us. For Debbie and I personally, and for The Recovery Church corporately. Several major mountains to climb over and cast down. Through it all though, we only grew closer and stronger as a church family and growing stronger daily in our personal lives and marriage. As this year come to a close Debbie and I celebrated 9 years of marriage, our church had it’s 9th birthday. Funny how things work out because in the midst of all the storms it was a actually a very productive year for God’s kingdom. Lot’s of baptisms, several graduated, and others on the last phase of drug court. Drug court is 2 year drug intensive program. But upon graduation they have their felonies esponged off their record and giving a chance for a new life Text group The rewarding thing about this is that they are all still involved with the church in one way or the other. All of them love Jesus and working on growing their relationship with Him—which we learn is a life time journey of failing and growing. It’s learning how to deal with the storms and failures in life that will make or break us every time. It’s also learning God’s love and acceptance never changes through the ups and downs of life. Text shea wedding -1 3Debbie and I attended our beautiful granddaughters November wedding. Now known as Mrs. Shea (Stocking) Coffee. Mom and dad gave her a fantastic, never to be forgotten, wedding. Patrick is a great down to earth kind of guy that loves and honors her so much. We are blessed to have him as her husband. They are building their marriage with Christ the Rock at the center making it a three strand braid Text Many folks accepted Christ as their Savor and Lord and others rededicated their lives and started new beginnings. Pictured here are Dallas Gibbs and daughter Haley. This is very special for me to baptist Dallas, she’s my cousin and was over the jails while Debbie and I ministered in there—so I was honored when Dallas said to me she wanted to re-dedicate her life and call this the year of new beginnings. She is director of Gabriel house, powerful youth service dallas baptism haley grad Text Below are Amy Gordon, Ezekiel Jones, Shayla Ausmum, Mark Sr. and Mark Jr. Spence. They all were baptized into new seasons of life. We have several others up coming! Kerri Williams this Sunday and two others soon! Ami Grad shayla bapzek bap mark and jr bap Text Below are Gwen Housman who rededicated her life. She followed the example of Jesus who was Baptiste then begin His ministry. Of course He was immediately led by the Spirit into the wilderness of testing empowering, She too was Baptiste then enter into the ministry as deaconess–a wilderness of testing and empowering. Then also are Bob and Susan Whetstone. All three where ordained into the office of deacon and deaconess. So you can see major shifts took place at The Recovery Church in 2019 as we develop our leadership and ministry teams heading into the future-what we call our greater assignment. We must defeat the lion and bears before tackling the Goliath’s. Gwen Deaconess bob and susan deacons Text Pictured are Clint Own and Jessica Billings, Mike Poindexture, and Kory Allen all 4 of these guys made it though the 2 years of the intensity and pressure of the drug court program. The accountability of this program is extreme but effective for those who really are looking for a new kind of life and not just using it to escape prison. It’s been my 11 year experience of ministering to drug court, that those with this attitude, always end up in prison anyway. But those who really give Jesus a chance, and who do really want a different life, well the success rate is very good . The real challenge begins now as they have been taught over and over. Also pictures are Alphonso and Nichole. They both are on the last 3 months what called phase 5. jessica grad clint and jessicmike grad kory grad phono debbie nichole grad Text Meet Oaklyn—she is excited and appears to be praising God. Oaklyn and her mother Shayla Ausmus have lived in our Recovery house for around a year. When Shayla begin this journey a year ago her life was a mess. But she got involved with the church, after some effort she got a job in child care at the First Baptist church, counseled with Debbie weekly, and worked through all the instruction and counseling Debbie gave her. It’s not the meetings with us that makes the change, but the ones who apply what we are teaching. Shayla now gives lessons every other week in a couple of the Life Groups. She has just exploded in growth and maturity. Her future in incredible! She was even given a nice car by some kind folks who saw a young mother overcome incredible circumstances. God’s blessings are upon her and Oaklyn. I think Oaklyn’s expression tells the whole story. We are so grateful to God that we have the Recovery House— several mothers have rebuilt their lives and families with the time they had there not counting the many others that’s it’s gotten through drug court. It’s our goal that after they have their time there they then move on to greater things with a new found confidence is Christ! oaklyn kids christmas play 2 Also pictured above are a few of the kids that took part in this year’s Christmas play. They were great, Gwen and Franky did a fantastic job. Text In closing we’d once again like to thank our wonderful church family for doing their part to make this body function so well and accomplish so much in spite of us. We’d also like to say a huge “Thank You” to those of you who have partnered with this most important kingdom work—being part of God taking lives as these mentioned, lives destroyed, living in hell on earth, and seeing God completely transform them into productive children of the kingdom, no longer curses to their environment, but now they are blessings. You are as much a part as we are! May God bless 2020 with incredible ministry and may He bless our brothers and sisters in prison as we continue our jail and prison ministry in 2020! Text RECOVERY CHURCH MISSION STATEMENT Building a healthy and safe “Church Family Environment” centered upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ, with a passion of making true spiritual disciples; bringing each person into their highest spiritual potential in Christ. Text For all pastors messages go to the web site below, or The Recovery Church Facebook page, or for smart phones go to locate the Recovery Church app. Text Dennis & Debbie Hall Ministries The Recovery Church 1680 E Beech Duncan, OK 73533 If you’d like to partner with this ministry you can either mail a check to the above address or go on the web site and locate donate. All donations are tax deductible. It’s a great investment into broken lives and God kingdom. Loving God-Loving People- Serving Both by Serving Our Community. Changing Our World One Heart at a Time! Drop Content Here politics_5_b.jpg

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