A Prophets Reward-Part 1

A Prophets Reward-Part 2

A Prophets Reward-Part 3

Sunday Morning Worship

A New Life-1 session 1

A New Life-3 session 2

A New Life-3 session 3

A New Life-3 session 4

A New Life-3 session 5

Session 1 “A New Life-2”

Session 2 “A New Life-2

Session 3 “A New Life-2”

Session 1 “A New Life-1”

Session 2 “A New Life-1”

Session 3 “A New Life-1”

Pride-Escaping Guilt-1

Pride-Escaping Guilt-2

Pride-Escaping Guilt-3

Kids Excited About Learning

Recovery Church Memories

                             LOVING GOD—LOVING PEOPLE—SERVING BOTH

The Abigail Smith Story

News9 Story

KSWO TV 7 News Story

Tracey Smith Testimony

The Recovery Church “5 Year Anniversary Celebration”

This video was created in Oct. 2015 celebrating our 5th year as a church family–today we are a little over 8 years old. 

“More Videos Coming Soon”