Tuesday at 7 PM — Sunday at 10:30 AM Regular Church

Come Feel the Love of Jesus, Be Refreshed and Encouraged.

Tuesday Service 7:00 to 7:30 PM: Be still, and know that the Lord is God” (PS. 46:10). Being still in today’s busy world isn’t easy–it takes continued effort. Tuesday first service is our time to be still and set at the feet of Jesus.


Tuesday Ladies Life Group 7:30 to 8:30 PM: Debbie Hall is building family in the ladies Life Group as they learn together the way God designed women to live. They are learning to become the Godly wives, mothers, and the spiritual ladies God had intended from the beginning. God’s calling the ladies of the kingdom to come forth, stand up, and make a difference!


Tuesday Men’s Life Group 7:30 to 8:30 PM: Men’s Life Group. We are on a life journey of  becoming the spiritual leaders God called us called us to be as men, husbands, and Fathers! Come  feel the love and freedom of our great folks.


Saturday Night Life Groups 7 PM: Pastor Dennis brings some unique new insights and revelations to the 12 Step Life Recovery journey. We are building family through our life groups and it’s such a relaxed and trusting atmosphere people can take off the make and just be their real selves. Debbie and I pastor from a very transparent roll of serving our church!


Sunday Morning August 19th, 2018 10:30 AM: “What Our DNA-2” DNA -DNA is our culture and environment – It’s what makes us who we are and it affects how we look and what we do. Over the next several weeks through this series we will be studying nine different characteristics that make up part of our DNA. These character qualities neither qualify nor disqualify us-they are simply what we are to aspire to.


Sunday Evening Movie Night 6 PM: We will be showing the video messages from Duane Sheriff’s Jubilee 2018 with Whit George, Willie George, Greg Moore, and Duane Sheriff until we have shown the complete 2018 Jubilee.


Sunday Morning Fellowship-Coffee-Fruit & Donuts 10 AM.

Prophetic Praise & Worship begins at 10:30–Message by Pastor Dennis Hall at 11:00